When I take a photograph it's about sharing a moment with the subject, whether its a homeless man, a rock star or the pope.What can I capture and share about this moment, and can the people who see my work connect with this singular moment in time?

Being a photographer is my job,but it's also a part of my life.I'm passionate about what I do and I want those who see my work to be moved by it. Its my hope they will experience what I've experienced and "get" what it is I'm trying to say.If I accomplish that,my career will have been worthwhile.

The bonus is, I get to create cool moments as I go along.In some mysterious way maybe it changes a life, an outlook,
a mood or even just a few miinutes in the day. That is enough for me.

Getting involved with social media has had a big impact on my work.I find it amazing. How cool is it to post a photograph and have friends, acquaintances,and even friends of friends share their comments about what I'm doing? Its a whole new way to interact and connect, I love it.

Now that you've found me online,I hope you will "Find Art"
on Facebook, too. I look forward to connecting with you